So much stress is laid on the importance of having a website that you can proudly share online to flourish your business. However, the trick isn’t just to have a site, but having one that remains active and fresh. With such a cut-throat business market, it’s time to get a bit savvier and give your site a facelift.

Reasons Why Your Site Needs an Update


Content is the king – it markets your business in the right manner. Having fresh and compelling content builds a genuine connection with your visitors. It is the content that your visitorsconfide in. Modern-day Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to update content in a jiffy. Even before the layout, your information is what the viewer is coming for. So, write smarter and simpler copies since you have just a few seconds to hold your visitor’s attention.


If the site’s security is at stake, it creates a sense of mistrust amongst your visitors. Cyberattacks are quite prevalent, but keeping the site updated ensures security. So, check if the platform has security features that can safeguard your online business. For instance, if the site is created on WordPress, it will ensure maximum protection for your website. The platform is secure and frequently keeps updating its features too. Plus, security flaws are more likely to manifest in older sites than the ones which are regularly updated. We suggest using a malware security software and a wordfence for protection.


Needless to say, having a responsive and mobile-friendly website is a must in this age of smartphones. Ignoring the mobile users is very risky asabout 75% of online users prefer a mobile-friendly site, 50% of which are likely to bounce off if the website isn’t responsive. Therefore, if your site isn’t responsive, you might be pushing away a large chunk of the audience. It’s not a trend, but an absolute necessity. This way, you can adapt quickly to any screen size, optimize the visitor’s browsing experience, enhance your company’s reputation,improve SEO efforts,drive in more traffic, and more.

Templates and Themes

To stand out from your competitors, functionality matters. Templates are quite handy, especially on a tight budget, but most free, or cheap ones are dull and repetitive. They might have licensing restrictions, a bloated code, content constraints, and perhaps you aren’t the only one making use of it. This is the reason why themes and templates must be chosen with utmost care. They must add value and allow for customization. Search for inspiration and look into new trends –don’tlet outdated themes hold you back.


Speed is an essential factor in determining whether the visitor stays on your site or leaves. Web users don’t have patience, but faster sites create a happier user base. Contact us to give you a full report on speed, design issues and your existing organic traffic compared to your competitors. If your score isn’t up to the mark, rethink the elements that are “slowing” your site down. Speed optimization is equally important as the design, content, and other stuff.

Call to Action (CTA)

Many websites lack a compelling call to action, which helps convert viewers into customers, i.e., leads to conversions. Integrating CTA persuades your visitor to take the desired action. Each page on your site must have a clear CTA, directing the visitor to a preferred page. While you’re at it, also make sure those CTAs are interesting enough to compel the visitor into enquiring for your services.

Integrate social media

Social media integration is an integral aspect of both B2C as well as B2B businesses. Different users prefer a different type of communication, and if your website is ready to take that load, strategize accordingly. It reflects positively on your reputation and on your authority as well. If you haven’t done that yet, work on it – make social sharing easier.

SEO Ready

Just like the face of your website, your SEO might need to refresh. Regular updates and SEO go hand in hand. Search engines regard those sites higher that put out the most relevant and recent content. Updates give you a fair chance to rethink your SEO strategies.

Consider these:

  • What is the bounce rate?
  • How about the page views?
  • What’s the visitor’s average time on a page?
  • What about your search rankings?
  • Does your site rank for the keywords people are searching?

Analytics help benchmark the effectiveness. Your website cannot operate on old-school SEO tricks. So, keep yourself updated with new policies and practices.

How Can We Help?

The point of this blog isn’t to compel you into updating your site just for the sake of it. But just think about it – your site exists for a reason, and if it doesn’t benefit you, it requires that much-needed effort. We, at Exxcelrank, specialize in creating result-oriented website solutions for a variety of businesses. We utilize a full-service approach to build websites that increase both the quality as well as quantity of the traffic. We want you to succeed, and we are here to assist you through the process of setting up your website. Leave your details in the contact form, and we will get back ASAP!

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