Blog posts are the backbone of many organizations’ online content. They provide value to readers and give people a reason to visit your website outside of transactions or simple communication with your brand. Ensuring that your blog posts are high in quality is paramount – and so is making sure they perform well on Google and other search engines.

Improving the rankings of your content in search engine results will put that content in front of more eyes. If you are looking for a way to boost the readership of your blog, here are six tips for writing better content that can help you climb those ranks:

Start with Your Niche

When designing a website or blog, you may have heard the word niche used to describe the kind of content you would offer. Whether your website is one that sells physical products or offers valuable information, you need to know what category your site falls into. This helps your efforts pay off in multiple ways.

First, knowing your niche helps you focus on better content creation. When you know what kind of blog posts to write, you will not spend as much time searching for inspiration. You can also source information for your content more easily.

Likewise, your audience will appreciate a more targeted focus. No one likes spending time on a website that goes in too many directions. They come to your business or blog with one thing in mind: the goods, services, or information you provide. Remain focused on this and your content will come easier.

Focus on Your Topic

With your niche firmly established, choose a topic of interest within that area. This could be just about anything, but there are several types of content that work especially well for blog posts:

  • Tips, tricks, or insider advice
  • Countdowns, lists, or simple bullet-pointed articles
  • Collections of links to other resources or to your organization’s own

These types of topics give readers an idea of what they are getting right away. They also advertise their usefulness from the start, which helps draw in readers in the first place.

Brainstorm with Your Reader in Mind

Who is your ideal blog post reader? The answer to this question has everything to do with how successful your content will be. Meeting their wants and needs will always reward you with more satisfied consumers – and more loyal, paying customers.

There are many ways that understanding your target audience can help you craft better content. Younger audiences will overwhelmingly be using a mobile device and prefer simpler, more visual content as a result. Older audiences may not understand technical terms as well, but are very focused on the trustworthiness of your organization. The more focused you can be on your audience’s common traits or interests, the more tailored your content can be to their needs.

Several methods exist to track this information. Some website building programs or host sites offer on-site tracking of where visits come from, who the clicks are coming from, and other information about your readers. There are also numerous options for plug-ins and extensions that can help you keep track of this information from your dashboard or even from your desktop.

Craft Your Title and Outline for Google Rankings

After you have decided on a topic that will pique interest and used your audience’s information to provide a more specific idea, it is time to work on creating a title that will grab attention – and rankings.

Before you proceed, remember: your title can be changed before you post a final draft. The most important factor here is understanding the importance of your title and adjusting any ideas you may have accordingly.

Some factors for a great title that can help boost your Google ranking include:

  • Short and sweet – Long, complicated titles can result in lower rankings.
  • Keyword forward – Putting a heavy focus on your keyword or phrase will underline the importance of that within your content.
  • Keyword first – Moving your keyword or phrase to the front of your title – or as close as possible – will help both your reader and search engines see what you are offering right away.

Likewise, focus on the subheadings and keywords in your content. These are also factors in helping your blog post climb the Google rankings, as they help the search engine’s algorithm understand what your content is about and who it serves. It will also help you organize your thoughts and address key points as you flesh out your content.

Remember Your Call to Action

Before you finish your article, remember to end on a call to action. This is a phrase or short passage that tells your audience what you want them to do. If you provide services, remind them of this and tell them to contact you for assistance. If you sell products, be sure to remind them of why your product will meet their specific need. Doing this helps your branding stick in their minds – and ensures that the last thing they see is a reminder of what you have to offer.

Expand, Edit, and Proofread

Is there more you can offer to your reader? Would offering more words actually improve the value of your content? Are there parts of your piece that could be simplified to make them easier to read and understand? These are all questions to ask before you declare your blog post finished.

Once you do have a finished draft, be sure to proofread it thoroughly. Most experts recommend having a second person or group proofread for you, so that they can catch mistakes or readability issues that you might not notice alone.

If you are still not sure whether your content meets the requirements to help you rank in search engine results, working with a professional can help. Partnering with the experts at ExxcelRank can put you on the path to success with a multifaceted approach to improving your rank and reach. We offer a full range of services to help you through every stage of creating content and making connections with your next loyal customer.

Whether you need guidance in targeting your audience with a more intuitive web design or help with harnessing the power of search engine optimization, we are ready to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide the launching pad your brand or organization needs to achieve success.

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