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Improving your brands presence in the digital sphere always generates more leads and better ROI. So it’s important that your products and services appear on the first page of search engines for better engagement, when customers are searching for them.

Exxcelrank, Inc. has the experience and technical expertise to help you positionyour brands in the sponsored section of the search engines pages, which will be viewed by the targeted audience.

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Search Engine Optimization– The main objective in using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to make your business show up organically at or near the top of the results when a prospective shopper searches for one of your products or services. This is achieved by embedding the best possible search terms (keywords) seamlessly and in the right amount into the content of your website. SEO also increases your visibility online, making your brand and business accessible to a wider audience. Increased awareness of your company only promotes growth, and gets you closer to reaching your business goals. By avoiding simple SEO tactics like link building and pasting links on irrelevant pages, we provide quality content that will raise your online authority to search engines and deliver impressive long and short term results for your business.

The rules of SEO are always changing. The major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) are always refining their algorithms and getting smarter and smarter at detecting web content that tries to game the system by inserting lots of keywords randomly. This practice no longer works for improving search engine ranking. Relevant, useful content is rewarded while injecting keywords into low quality and poorly executed content results in downgrading and negatively impacting your results with search engines. The core operating principle of all search engines is to find related and applicable content to what is searched by the user.


Social Media Marketing– Frequently posting news and product showcases across your social media platforms is another extremely effective way of linking interested customers back to your website. It also keeps your business’ name relevant and competitive.

We develop custom social networking applications and websites helping you to connect and share. Our social networking solutions include functions like user registration, blogging, scraping, newsletters, discussion forums, customizing user homepages/profiles, content sharing etc., with administration options.


Exxcel Rank,Inc., helps companies of all sizes maximize their use of digital communications. Whether this means choosing the right website CMS, moving to an enterprise e-commerce solution, or simply working with you to extend your internal technical resources. We are here for you.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very effective way to get your products and services in front of prospective customers. Using our skillful resources, you can increase your brands awareness very easily by targeting the right audience at the right place. We’re a young passionate team who are committed and driven to deliver best results and measure your campaigns performance with an objective to enhance your presence online.



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