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Business Process Outsourcing

Exxcelrank is the one stop solution for all back office administrative services, including online and offline Data Entry Services, data processing, E-Commerce Support/Web Management, Transcription services, etc.

Our data entry and data processing services are known for accuracy. Our services are designed and embedded with double entry verification process to provide complete data security, confidentiality and precision for every client.

We can act as your extended unit and support your operations and make business more efficient taking care of your business accounting, organizing all your financial information in one place and preparation of business reports.
The range of service offerings include reliable and efficient payroll solutions, employees’ information, financial statements, account reconciliation, budget comparisons and Trend analysis


We offer to handle all your online, offline and remote data entry requirements. We provide full-text data capture for all your text and numeric based documents, whether printed or hand-written. Our data entry technologies and approaches promise highest levels of data quality, accuracy, and quick turnaround. Our state-of-the art software and validation procedures also ensure highest levels of data security and confidentiality.


We manage large volumes of data processing and organization for customers across the world. We can capture all forms of data from various sources, including batch keying, tally charts analysis, optical character readers and convert this raw data into digital, editable text or even into web pages. We are known for efficient data processing and transforming it into useful information and provide you with insightful data at your finger tips.


Our transcription units caters to all forms of transcription needs from earnings calls transcription, financial transcription, interview transcription, meetings, conferences to focus groups and DVD/ CD Audio/ TV shows. We customize the transcription of all data into any format as per the requirement of the clients and allow flexibility to provide you with the service that you require.


We are a Company that provides 24/7 customer’s support solutions with customer centric approach identifying the specific services and support for your products and customers. We work closely with our clients as an integrated team to either complement their existing support and service team or take care of all of your 24/7 telephone customer support, e-mail customer support (Ticket Support), Live Chat Customer Support and online technical customer support needs.

Exxcelrank also helps clients counter competitive pressures by reducing their capital and operating costs through our innovative frameworks which will bring in the best practices and processes to optimize customer support costs and maximize Return on Investment, thereby reducing Average Handle Time (AHT), increasing First Call Resolution (FCR), improving Average Sales Order Value and enhancing Customer Satisfaction Scores.


Our Services

Call Centre:

We are a trusted service provider of handling toll free services, order taking, mortgage processing, e mail response, live online chat, marketing, technical support, appointment setting and a variety of other areas. We offer you customized call center services to suit your specific requirements thus contributing to your sales, reducing your over head and enhancing your customer services.


Email Support: We provide for complete customer care support on the e-mail wherein their email queries answered promptly, efficiently and accurately. We develop a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and continually keep updating it which assists our agent’s interactions with customers and make the responses quick.


Inbound/ Outbound Our inbound services offering exhibits professional handling of customers for maximum customer satisfaction. We provide 24×7 phone answering services, order taking services, claims processing services, and product information request services. We are experts in both up-selling and cross selling services and also in resolving customer issues and queries.We promise you results through our well trained and experienced callers proficient in communication, selling and marketing. We offer quick fix solutions client’s processes, products and services.

Chat Support

We provide live assistance to our customers on chat and gets immediate answers to their queries and solutions to their problems. We make your website, live chat enabled and our customer care executives not only provide information to the visitors but also help in cross- sell and up-sell of your products and services. Live chat employed for helpdesk desk, or customer relationship services means immediate, effective and more personal addressing of issues and queries.

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