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SEO – search engine optimization

How Google Ranks Your Website (and the Importance of Speed and Structure)

You likely update your website regularly. From new products or posts to refreshed graphics and features, there are so many ways you or your team work to keep your website
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Types of websites - 11 Most Popular Type of Websites

11 Most Popular Type of Websites

In this ever-evolving digital age, having a website is a must. If you’re looking for ideas on the most suitable type, check out these 11 popular categories.
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Website Update

Why Do You Need an Updated Website?

So much stress is laid on the importance of having a website that you can proudly share online to flourish your business. However, the trick isn’t just to have a
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Website Checklist

Website Checklist: 13 Features Necessary for an Updated Website

Amidst other aspects of your site, staying updated often gets to the bottom of the checklist. You’re also guilty of that, but no one’s judging! Your website is an evolving
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